Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

Random Missives: Dear Netflix

These Missives! They Are Random!Dear Netflix,

I understand the theory behind your "We'd Think You'd Like" recommendations, but I have to say I've taken umbrage with my list.

1. Visually Striking Dramas Based On Real Life

First off, while the guy from Joy Division totally does kill himself, I hardly think "24 Hour Party People" counts as a drama. Also, I don't think you can seriously say it's "Visually striking." Maybe you're just confused about the striking part-there was a rumor actor Steve Coogan beat the shit out of his grandmother, is that you were thinking of?

Anyway, I hardly think that's call for recommending I sit through "Frida," do you?

2. Romantic Movies Starring Ralph Fiennes

Firstly, Ralph Fiennes (did you know it's pronounced "Ralph Fiennes"?) is a really good actor. Him as Heathcliff to Juliette Binoche's Cathy was ingenious casting, and that part in "The English Patient" when he says he will put Kristen Scott Thomas' watercolors in his old copy of Herodotus? Swoon.

Re: my recent rental of "The Duchess," it's not like me and my seven cats put on our favorite sweaters and watched it together (my lease won't allow pets).

….OK, fine. I give in .

This was a pretty good recommendation. But I am not watching "Maid in Manhattan." Again.

3. Critically Acclaimed Witty Comedies


Also, I'm taking a poll: do you think Michael is too young for me? Don't answer now, just think about it.

4. Sentimental Movies Featuring A Strong Female Lead

I hardly think that the BBC's "The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall" counts as "sentimental." Secondly, you want me to see "P.S. I Love You"? How dare you, Sir or Madam?

5. British Movies Based On Classic Literature

I have seen 3/4 of the films you've suggested. You call this bringing your A game?

You see why I'm concerned. I looking forward to hearing from you. Also, while I have your ears, why isn't "Catch And Release" available for Instaplay?

Thank you,


EA Hanks likes writing letters to people. She hopes you won't mind if she shares some of them.

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It's (IPA: /reɪf/) like Ralph Vaughan Williams

It's pronounced Rafe (IPA: /reɪf/) but spelled Ralph, like Ralph Vaughan Williams.

God, I'm a bore. Care for some more pedantic nagging?

phlox (#204)

Well, Im lucky enough to have 'Understated Gay & Lesbian' (Sunday Bloody Sunday!), 'Cerebral TV Shows and 'Dark British Movies based on real life'(Ghandi!!).
OK, 'Love Is The Devil' (Derek Jacobi as Francis Bacon bio) was very worthwhile and not just for the oh-so lingering full-frontal of Daniel Craig in the bathtub.
I live in a cultural wilderness so Netflix has become integral for me.

Abe Sauer (#148)

All the girls want the Fiennes in Wuthering or Patient; but generally get the Fiennes in Spider or List.

I got the one from Constant Gardener once. NEEDY MUCH?

phlox (#204)

Am I the only one to find Fiennes in Red Dragon kind of smokin' hot? Or is it just the tattoo?

ljnd (#86)

I got Lord Voldemort. Snakes, cauldrons and everything.

Abe Sauer (#148)

It's because your brain sees a ripped version of Heathcliff/Van Doren/Count/Maurice while dismisseing the dumb serial killer.

phlox (#204)

Stupid brain. Thank you Dr. Sauer!

NinaHagen (#131)

Get out of my head!

NinaHagen (#131)

Can we talk about Alan Rickman now?

phlox (#204)

Absolutely. I call dibs on AR as de Valera in Michael Collins, k?

NinaHagen (#131)

Robin Hood – when he says "Hired thugs!"

EA Hanks (#675)

Oh Rickman. The voice. The sideburns. The Snape. The voice. The sideburns.

whowhahuh (#57)

Hans Gruber!

Redline (#513)

I watched Mad Max 1 time and now my Netflix suggestions are all screwed up. Bad decision.

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