Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Brave New Future Of Blogs Explained In Gawker Promo Vid

Gawker Media's advertising/video/advertorial department has produced the ultimate 3-minute trailer to tease its sexy web properties to ad sales folks! Actually, it looks like a sales pitch for the network, really. Hmm. Either way! We rounded up some responses from Gawker Media former employees.

Former Employee #1: "Now everyone will know what it's like inside Nick Denton's head."

Former Employee #2: "Doesn't that feel like something he might have done in 2006?"

Former Employee #3: "My first thought was 'MGMT? really??'"

Former Employee #4: "Of course they didn't block embedding on YouTube, because they want all of us to post this!"

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Alex Balk (#4)

We need to make a video of you giving the cat a pill while I sit there with my head in my hands.

mathnet (#27)

. . .to pill cats and have fun

mathnet (#27)

You meant die young, dumbass.

David Cho (#3)

Will Leitch is the future.

Please do this.

kryz (#311)

Obviously the people/your readers/the market demands this content. You cannot completely refuse to play by the rules.

KarenUhOh (#19)

Future. Over.

KarenUhOh (#19)

You're just bitter because you can't laid since you stopped being despicable.

You stopped being despicable??!?!??!?

BeRightBack (#59)

I've got to start donating again to the Make-A-Bitch foundation.

KarenUhOh (#19)

You're also unable to conjugate your despair.

BeRightBack (#59)

Sounds like somebody needs more conjugal visitation rights!

fek (#93)

Future. Here.

/some cryptic ass shit.

No Fleshbot?

David R. (#391)


Slapdash (#174)

Then explain Jezebel.

+1 for Krashstar

brent_cox (#40)

After watching that, I'd say that Gawker would be hard to resist if I want to reach the passers-by-being-interviewed-for-inhouse-promo market.

BeRightBack (#59)

Look! This is us from years ago, before we made sweeping editorial changes that alienated our base audience! The future was then!

And seeping personnel changes.


BeRightBack (#59)

No, "seeping" sounds right.

Emily (#20)


mathnet (#27)

Who are the "obsessed" readers?

davidwatts (#72)

These are people who responded to a post there a while ago, asking like "DO YOU LOVE GAWKER OMG?!?!"

I replied and almost got interviewed, but I was somehow busy in the middle of the afternoon on weekdays, desperately clinging to my job.

I bet they don't have signed licenses to use former 'employees' likenesses commercially. Just saying.

I was wondering about that! Although.. Hmm, time to go look up old contracts!

KarenUhOh (#19)

You must be joking. That fucker put a lien on my house when I commented here the first time.

Slapdash (#174)

But Nick says everything is merging! So shots of old, fun Gawker are, um, news reportage! Yes, that's it. So rights & clearances problem solved!

The internet is just one big miracle in that way, dontchathink?

I agree re: screen shots, but there's footage/pics of people in there, too.

maebefunke (#154)

just say it out loud: what does emily think?

Merkin (#623)

And how do they justify including images of people working for blogs they don't even OWN anymore (Consumerist @ 1:11)?

Aatom (#74)

You can't take awl the credit, Denton.

Here's to the future perfect – TBD.

chrismohney (#322)

I am counter-intuitively sold on this edgy brand that all the right people seem to hate and/or fear!

FeyBoohoozer (#410)

And all this time I thought Richard killed Gawker.

Lisanti (#13)

Weirdly, that's the exact sequence of images I saw when I drowned myself in the sink sometime in 2007.

BronxWASP (#415)

I'm a sucker for Jezebel. I tried some other feminist sites. Boring!!

Jezebel will soon strip you of your dignity. Run while you still can.

If this comment is tongue-in-cheek, it may be one of the best ever.

Wow. Pundits tried to put me to shame for being a commenter all these years…yet 'twas Gawker Media itself that deal the savage (her) blow.

oh blow me, dealt

NinetyNine (#98)

The future of Gawker editors is… an editorial slot at NY Mag? It's like 2003 all over again. Did I get that date right?

Unrelated: Wow, Blakeley can be really productive once they remove the furniture.

/obligatory couch fucking joke

NinetyNine (#98)

Sorry, I blew that. It should have been 'The future is… Gawker editors working for NY Mag.' Obvs. These damn #shorts ruin my concentration.

mattymatt (#495)

Who isn't a former Gawker employee these days?

BoHan (#29)

Former Employee #3 and I thought exactly the same thing. Gees, "Skins" broke MGMT's "Time to Pretend" on the season finale of its second season about 3 years ago, and they were at Coachella a year ago as a result. So much for the future.

rj77 (#210)

Well, any excuse to watch Bissinger lose his shit again, I guess…

CrappyEditor (#377)

the opening is from an HBO produced show- Costas Now (the one that featured Leitch). I wonder if they got rights to that…they must have, right?

P.S. How great is it that Leitch is the Gawker featured star now, dare I say poster boy?

PinkPundit (#155)

Man, that really sucks, and in unexpectedly bad ways. I'd have expected something that sucked but in a way that would cause me to hate myself for liking it. But that thing just sucks.

Runner-up in the Best Corporate Video For Gawker Teambuilding/Trustfall Weekend 2003

Is this a promo video intended to raise the value of properties Denton will shortly gut and sell to the highest bidder?

fek (#93)

@ErrolMorris: Top that. Seriously.

edisdead (#580)

Inasmuch as it plays to people who just now figured out web advertising because they lost newspaper jobs, it hits all the right notes. It inspired only nostalgia in me.

BoHan (#29)

Lord, now that I think more than 5 seconds about it, this seems to be more of a promotion about the power of TV talk shows, or HULU, than anything about blog power. Also, CSI totally speaks to the millenial generation, and their grandparents.

lempha (#581)

Stuff we actually hate.

KarenUhOh (#19)

You can see Nick beaming at the monitor, as he screens this for a rapt audience of advertisers in the Natty Bumppo Room of the Holiday Inn-Select Paramus East, all of whom are sticking around because Nick promised 30 more minutes of open bar after the presentation.

FeyBoohoozer (#410)

Make it a full hour and I'm there!

Little known fact: Nick also directed the seminal 1999 LesterCorp video introducing the history of the Mertin Flemmer building.

This is what we call, chez BookishLookish, Future Kitsch. Watch for the website soon:

IBentMyWookie (#133)

All I know is that I wish to make the sex with that i09 reader at the end.

Awl gays tell me: you think he's biting?

phlox (#204)

He's cute (for io9), and I get nary a 'ping' from him. Sadly, I have the worst gaydar in the state.

This reminds me of that video of that Bank of America guy singing U2 a couple of years ago. I have exactly the same look on my face after watching this. I don't know whether to laugh or to be totally horrified, so I just end up with this bizarre facial expression that is somewhere in between the two where I basically just look like I'm about to fart.

souplines (#502)

Denton's oversized ego gets a much deserved video. Fail

crotchety (#594)

I question the authenticity of this video, Julia Allison isn't in it.

She is in it. Watch again.

I like how the Jalopnik part was just a bunch of pictures of cars.

It was like, "Look! Cars!"

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