Friday, May 15th, 2009

Ten Bucks A PACK. How Stupid AM I?

This penis-faced dromedary will bail us all out.The next time you cough ostentatiously or wave your judgmental fingers around to disperse the invisible cloud coming from a nearby smoker, remember this: We are the only ones keeping this economy afloat. You should be a little nicer to us. Because we're probably going to die soon.

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KarenUhOh (#19)

Death costs extra.

ecgroom (#570)

Then by all means – light up brother!

GiovanniGF (#224)

Please don't let them raise coffee tariffs.

Rod T (#33)

Despite swearing to myself not to be one of "those" ex-smokers? I wave the smoke away from my face. It's nasty and it stinks. Also? Your clothes smell and you don't taste good if I kiss you. Sorry.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

We're still thinner than you.

Dickdogfood (#650)

You say it like it's a good thing.

Every time I buy cigarettes, God gives health insurance to a child, so there.

Registered (#595)

First comment on the NYT article reflects my feelings exactly.

"first they came for the smokers, but i did not speak up because i was not a smoker.
then they came for the drinkers, but i did not speak up because i was not a drinker.
then they came for the fatties, but i did not speak up because i was not a fattie.
then they came for the complacent tax-them-but-don’t-tax-me self righteous entitled prima donna average american and by that time there was no one else to speak up.

â€" metropolitan"

Why should I, as a child-free smoker, pay for health insurance for someone else's kid? I pay for their education through my property taxes, but it does not bother me, because I want an educated next generation and all my neighbors pay the same rate, be they skinng/fat,smokers/non, drinkers/non, or parents/non.

But it bothers the heck out of me that smokers are exclusively targeted to pay for childrens' health care. Don't give me BS abt this being public policy because it persuades smokers to stop. If it were easy, we'd all have quit long ago. Every pol knows we are an easy target – the 80% who don't smoke will always vote in favor of taxing us rather than them, and you can dress it up as "public policy."

The latest outrage is they are moving to ban e-cigs, because OMG, the tobacco and pharma lobbies are against them because they don't share the profits.

the teeth (#380)

Dude, the fact remains that it does persuade people to stop. The correlation is clear and inarguable — raising cigarette taxes decreases smoking. As an ex-smoker who still loves cigarettes and can't stand people who grandstand about how Obnoxious or Evil they are, I don't see a better sort of tax (it's 100% optional! it, on the aggregate, saves lives! plus it raises necessary revenue!) than cigarette taxes. Boo-bloody-hoo.

Registered (#595)

Then the logical public health policy is to raise the price of a pack of cigs to $10000, or outlaw smoking already. If politicians really care about the health benefits to smokers of a massive tax increase, why stop at $10/pack?

They are morally in the desert if they don't outlaw smoking altogether or at least make it unattainable for all but the richest. Why, think how many lives they would save – and how much revenues they would lose. There is a reason the tax creeps up a dollar or two a year – it is precisely because that is not enough to make the most addicted quit. They will forego nutrients to find that extra $4/day in their budget. They will feed their kids cheaper meals, or pass on necessary dental check-ups.

I'm delighted you are one of those assholes who could quit, but to call the tax 100% optional is ridiculous. The reason it is so successful is because it is precisely the opposite. It raises revenues, like any tax, but in the most regressive manner, hitting the poor the hardest.

Boo-bloodyy-hoo indeed. You probably think you are liberal and hip. Wrong. You're an ass.

Hey Registered, I got some easy credit right here. No money down.

Good times…

Registered (#595)

Sorry, I am new to "y'awl". The headline (does not appear on my screen, just in some browser button) is "Ten Bucks a Pack. How Stupid AM I?"

Come down to South Beach. A carton still costs $40 at Walgreens.

Redline (#513)

In these times, we can't deal in half measures like cigarette taxes. Now the Chinese, they know how to end a recession: Cigarette quotas!

souplines (#502)

I am doing my part so STFU all you non smokers. I am paying stoopid taxes everytime I light up. Can I make you stand outside a bar because you are a moron and invading my mental health cause you are an imbicile? No. Why are your lungs more important than my brain.

I didn't know Owen Wilson smoked.

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