Friday, April 17th, 2009

Whatever, like you're not childish every now and again.

post_headlineI'm sure it means I'm terribly juvenile, but I think this headline is hysterical.

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Rod T (#33)
"For headlines to be accurate, the headline writer must understand the article thoroughly before writing the headline; the copy editor who doesn't have a good view of what the article says isn't likely to write a headline that communicates clearly and accurately."

KarenUhOh (#19)

If you really want to kill fifteen seconds with hysterical felicity, rearrange this headline as many ways as possible. I've yet to find any that don't work.

phlox (#204)

Honor Gays, Probe Target is a nice sentiment too.

Alex & Choire:
Congrats on having The Awl up and running. You both seem to enjoy writing and I enjoy reading so this is one online hookup that might really pan-out for me.
AWL is an acronym, right? A metaphor? Ironic allegorical imagery?
You boys just aren't telling are you? Yet.
xox & good luck.

mathnet (#27)

It does and you are and it is.

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