Talking Hats VIDEO BLOG: Ken Layne With Choire Sicha On Wonkette, Teabags, Traffic And The End Of The World

On behalf of all of us here at The Awl, I wanted to ask Ken Layne, proprietor of Wonkette, some questions about how to run a website, and also about the politics, which he supposedly knows about. And about how the world is flat, and how bad that last fake “Star Wars” movie was. Also the hobos in our neighborhood. So we did it on video! (PLEASE NOTE: It takes a second to buffer. PLEASE NOTE: Please don’t be horrified by The Awl’s offices. ALSO: I am an idiot.) Anyway, it’s just like BLOGGING HEADS, but half as long and with slightly more cursing, and with more drinking and smoking. We like to call it: Talking Hats. (But we are open to suggestions.)