"Talk Like A Pirate Day" is probably not a good idea this year.

billy-chicagoWith every civic problem in Chicago long since solved, Mayor Richard M. Daley is free to turn his attentions to whimsical celebration. He’s declared Thursday to be “Talk Like Shakespeare Day,” so that Windy City denizens can observe The Bard’s 445th birthday in eloquent fashion. So, sure, a silly idea which will no doubt be more honored in the breach than the observance, but consider this: what if Rod Blagojevich’s Senate soliloquy had been a bit more Shakespearean?

Shall they not offer me what worth requites
I’ll keepst the treasured seat in mine own sites
A place in yonder chamber’s dearly bought
You just don’t give that shit away for naught.

It would have put a whole different complexion on things, right?