Monday, April 27th, 2009

Mexicans Want To Eat Your Flesh

AVOID MEXICO, says the front page of the New York Times now. (Due to swine flu, dontcha know.) Oh, panic everyone, panic! It's a flu!) Says the NY Times commenters in return…

28 Days Later

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IBentMyWookie (#133)

Perfect timing, frankly. A flu before bikini season is preferable to the gym.

sigerson (#179)

I get the reference. I think…

Perhaps now is a good tme for Texas to secede after all.

rj77 (#210)

If this results in Cillian Murphy and I repopulating the Earth from a quaint English cottage, then I say bring on the ZombieRagePig Flu!

LilyBlue (#166)

I'm thinking this would be a great time to get cheap flights to Mexico. Playa del Carmen, here I come! (Well, with a little vial of Tamiflu, of course.)

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