Gays: "Bea Arthur Should Have Been On Every Page Of People Magazine"

I love it when gays go crazy. And now they have, over not enough attention to the passing of Bea Arthur.

This is some crazy gay action:

People Magazine’s annual 100 Most Beautiful issue is out and they got it all wrong! That picture of Bea Arthur should be the entire cover. Actually, Bea should be on every single page, including the back. Okay, maybe not every single page. They could’ve devoted one page to Salma Hayek’s magnificent married chichis, but the rest should’ve been Bea. They also should have temporarily changed the name of the magazine to BEAPLE.

Instead of doing that, People put Kelly Bundy on the cover which really doesn’t bother me, but the rest of the 100 does. The list includes: Halle Berry (BORING), Carrie Underwears (BORINGER), Angelina Jolie (BORINGEST), Melissa Rycroft (BORINGESTER) and JLo (Are you asleep yet?). Seriously, that is like a big bowl of salad without the dressing or croutons. Or even Bac-Os. If they weren’t going to devote their lives to Bea this week, they should’ve at least filled the magazine with the truly most beautiful people in the world.