Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Dirty English Ladies Extremely Casual About Laundering Of Undergarments

One of the great Australian insults concerns the English, who, it is said, "hide their money under the soap." (It works on two levels!) If the Daily Mail is to be believed-always an iffy proposition-they might just as conveniently stash it under the laundry detergent: It seems that Englishwomen only wash their bras every two months or so, which is a particularly startling figure when you consider how often the filthy island dwellers work themselves into a state of sweat-soaked dishevelment by committing knife crimes. Given her avant-garde taste in lingerie, we can only hope that this is one limey affectation Madonna chose not to adopt during her time across the pond. Because, you know, ewww.


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Since they only have sex every fifteenth fortnight, I'm surprised that they wash their intimates even that frequently.

Hey Smails, isn't that actually an insult of the Irish?

sigerson (#179)

Where do you find these items? Do you just troll the Daily Mail every day?

He trawls the Daily Mail. Does 'is trolling here.

Patrick M (#404)

I was just reading that a former Princess of Wales hasn't washed hers in almost twelve years.

gonzosmom (#471)

Great. Now we'll have an outbreak of titty flu.

IBentMyWookie (#133)

Does this mean I have to cover my nipples with a surgical mask? Because in this economic climate, that's actually a pleasant alternative to getting a new sports bra.

Eww. When I was the fitting room drone in Bloomingdale's lingerie department (" sorry, 3 items or less, miss")back before the flood, the one thing I learned from the experts there – and believe me, 65 year old women who've spent their lives selling bras are sages, and not just about underwire and lycra – said that you should, if not wash, at least rinse a bra in cold water as soon as you take it off. Body heat rots bras. I can't even imagine 2 months. Then again, I can't imagine a chip butty, Butlin's Holiday Camp, or the fact that Margaret Thatcher actually gave birth.

Don't mean to offend, but the Heartburns are Irish.

cherrispryte (#444)

whoa, really? i was definitely under the impression that bras don't need to be washed as often as, say, panties or shirts. Will start doing the cold water rinse thing immediately.

Dilworth (#525)

Can someone confirm if it is true that the Englishfolk refer to their underthings as "Smalls". I heard this once and have tried to use it ever since. The result has been a lot of blank stares.

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