Wednesday, April 29th, 2009


The Guardian's Stuart Jeffries wonders why the exclamation mark is the default bit of punctuation in the Internet age. If only I knew someone who had the expertise to resolve this conundrum.

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mathnet (#27)

I love the way you two love each other.

Alex Balk (#4)

It's a passionate, whispering, masculine kind of collegiality.

mathnet (#27)

Hawt lo.

mathnet (#27)

No but really lo. That is not an exclamation-point explanation I buy. It's a period. And then somebody added an arrow-y thing pointing to it for emphasis! In 1400!

Flashman (#418)

I pointed out this phenomenon on Gawker, in like 2007. Or should I say: I pointed out this phenomenon on Gawker! In like 2007!
And it was just Gawker back then – to make the site more gay-friendly perhaps? – but clearly what Gawker does, the rest of us soon follow!

News, Flash: This post refers to an article! In today's Guardian!

tanene (#501)

Is this the appropriate moment to posit that the spirit of Frank O'Hara has clearly found his way back to the East Village via Choire, and his shared skill for exclamation points? I think so.

BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

Choire inspired a generation of copy-cats and has never been given credit. He basically set the house style of the internet. If the web was a drag night it would be House of a Thousand Choire Sichas.

BlinkyMcChuck (#202)

I think I meant, "Night of a Thousand Choire Sichas." Sorry. Ran out of those caffeinated Butterfingers…you get the idea.

It's nice to read the original, though.

Hez (#147)

If there's any justice in the world, Choire will be so richly rewarded for his contributions to Internet Style, he'll be able to afford a PA to blow exclamation points up his back passage, just like our Stevie.

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