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carla_bruniQuel dommage! Loads of nekkid pictures-and video!!!-of French first lady Carla Bruni being “highly intimate” with former partner Raphaël Enthoven have been stolen from a flat in Paris. Okay, yeah, there are plenty of sensational aspects to this story, and I’m sure we could crank it up to middlebrow with some political analysis of how it might affect Nicolas Sarkozy, but I’m really calling it out for the part that explains where the photos were and why.

Thieves broke into the flat of actor Julien Enthoven, who is Raphaël’s younger brother.

Raphaël is believed to have entrusted the pictures to his 27-year-old brother because he did not want them to embarrass his new partner – or Mr Sarkozy, said a detective working on the case.

Now, I know nothing about Raphaël Enthoven’s relationship with his new partner-and, to be sure, the French are very different from you and I-but “I kept the porn pics of my ex at my brother’s house to spare your feelings” has got to be a tough sell in any language. Safety deposit boxes, people! Keep your porn in safety deposit boxes. Here endeth the lesson.